History of Palmers FC

watter logged pitch Palmers FC are a Sunday League Football team based in the borough of Thurrock in Essex. The team was established in 2013 amongst a few friends who had been there, done that and got the t-shirt when it comes to grass roots football.

It had been a long time since founding members Matt Smith, Nick Horne, Lee Warren, Liam Sweetland and Lee Thompson had played together, in fact 12 years had past since school and suddenly bills need paying, girlfriends need attention and football is just something you watch.

“For old times sake lets just give it another go to see if we’ve still got it” Suggested Matt and the rest as they say is history. Close friends soon jumped on board and suddenly a team was formed, a ground was found and a kit was bought but there was no name.

Having formed a team with such strong roots to their early years it was natural to want to become the adult version of that team who to this day as a club are known Little Thurrock Dynamos.

The boys met the club but were turned away for being too organised.  LTD wanted money for a kit and were already supplying a ground. Having over 100 years of football between the lads it was a shame but it was time to move on and become an independent club.

Grays Town FC, Little Thurrock FC, Grays Thurrock FC, all names turned down by the FA for being “too similar” to other clubs. With time running out a name was needed.  It would be great to have an amazing story behind it but quite simply Palmers FC are Palmers FC because they play at Palmers College, it’s as simple and although they don't carry the name, the orange kit is a tribute to the many years everyone spent at Little Thurrock Dynamos.

History lesson over, now go outside and kick a football!